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Bondix Intelligence has traditionally been a specialist in creating bonding routers. These routers can be used to offer "managed internet" solutions. By combining bonding routers, fixed internet connections and mobile internet connections, a "managed" internet connection featuring extremely high bandwidth, uptime and reliability can be realized.


The strategic challenge for management was the fierce competition in this particular domain within the IOT market, combined with the high cost price of the hardware and internet connections.


Azur Investment Group has brought the company's focus back to its core; namely, creating the world's leading bonding software. After all, it’s what gave birth to Bondix in the first place and what the company’s employees are best at.


From this intervention a new bonding technology has emerged, known in the market as S.A.NE. (Simple Aggregation of Networks). It is a software application that enables Internet Service Providers and hardware vendors to provide additional functionality to their hardware. This solution enables Bondix to remain focused on its core strength, while leaving selling to the specialists with their existing sales funnels. A totally new mindset within an existing market.


A relatively simple contribution yielded a great result.

Communication technology for internet bu



August 2018





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