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July 2015


1 February 2019 (Wireless Logic Group)




In 2015, the Azur Investment Group started implementing a build, buy and exit strategy in the Internet-Of-Things (IOT) market. An extremely fast-growing market with many opportunities for value creation.


Playing on an international field, the M2MBlue Ventures Group has specifically focused on moving objects. Grounded in market research, the decision was taken to invest in the connectivity market, specifically the "high-bandwith" connections required for moving objects.


In a market subject to intense price competition, the Azur Investment Group managed to grow its turnover and margins by changing its business model, in contrast to its competitors. In a world where pay-as-you-go and subscription models are (still) the standard, we were one of the first to start selling services ("managed internet" model).


To create this service and establish a grip on the river cruise market, in 2017 the Azur Investment Group decided to acquire one of the largest players in the European Market: Batavier Software Support B.V. (now BSS BV).


After the integration was fully completed in 2018 and multi-year contracts were concluded with key customers, the exit strategy was triggered by Azur Investment Group, leading to the sale of the group in 2019 to Wireless Logic Group (part of Montagu Private Equity, one of the largest and most prominent players in the European Market). 


Strategic sparring partner

Helping fulfill financial needs

Participation in the management team

Development of sustainable business model

Introduction of market-based strategic relationships

Acquisition of strategic participation

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