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Q-TC Nederland B.V. provides organizations with real-time insight and transparency in the total end-to-end chain from a business perspective.


Organizations are challenged daily by dynamically changing environments. Customers, suppliers, employees, owners and shareholders place ever-changing demands on an organization. This often results in adjustments to business processes and operations. As a consequence, business processes can be out of sync with the various information systems. This makes aligning system functions with changing business goals a major challenge for many organizations. The tensions that arise between what the business demands from IT and what IT actually delivers to the business is precisely the place where Q-TC takes on the connecting role.


Q-TC provides organizations with insight into end-to-end business processes with the Business Operational Intelligence (BOI) platform. This BOI platform enables organizations to control and optimize their entire business process, providing the necessary speed and flexibility to anticipate critical situations in a timely manner. The BOI platform delivers fast analyzes and visualizations, while providing accurate, real-time information at any desired level.



November 2019





Strategic sparring partner

Helping fulfill financial needs

Participation in the management team

Management information setup and a multi-year business plan

Legal support around contracting

Providing controller function within the business

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