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Defenture develops tactical vehicle for German special forces

Today it was announced that the purchasing organization of the German army has awarded Defenture the contract for the development and production of tactical vehicles. This concerns the delivery of up to eighty vehicles in various configurations, which are intended for the Commando Spezialkräfte (Special Command Forces), a unit of the Bundeswehr.



Tiel, the Netherlands, August 5, 2021, BAAINBw, the German Armed Forces procurement organisation providing the Bundeswehr with efficient and safe equipment, awarded Defenture the contract to develop and produce tactical vehicles for the German Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK, Special Forces Command,) of the Bundeswehr. It concerns the delivery of maximum 80 vehicles in various configurations.

The Kommando Spezialkräfte requires a mobility platform for various operations dedicated and fully developed for specific military end users. Platform of choice is The Defenture Mammoth, a 9 tons vehicle, based on the proven GRF 5.12 platform. This platform is also in use by for example the Dutch Korps Commandotroepen (SOF) and other countries. The modular structure of the all-wheel drive, highly mobile vehicles enables optimal preparation for the intended end use.

The programs AGF 2 (Medium Special Forces Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle (Mittleres Aufklärungs- und Gefechtsfahrzeug Spezialkräfte)) and UFK (Medium Tactical Special Forces Support Vehicle (Mittleres taktisches Unterstützungsfahrzeug Kommando Spezialkräfte)) comprise of the delivery of four prototype vehicles in various configurations. Each platform will be equipped with various systems like, among others, shot detection systems, radio’s, long and short range EO, weapon mounts and internal communication systems. In close collaboration with industry partners and the Kommando Spezialkräfte, Defenture will tailor the four vehicles and integrate all the required systems. Based on thorough end user testing, final configurations will be set as the start of the assembly of a complete series, comprising of a maximum of 80 vehicles. Together with its industry partners, Defenture will also support the Bundeswehr with service, support and training throughout the complete lifetime of the vehicles.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture: "We are very honoured with this prestigious order. Developing and building these vehicles for the German Special Forces is a recognition of all the energy Defenture has put into developing the best vehicle for these specialists over the past years. We look forward to the close cooperation with the Kommando Spezialkräfte, the BAAINBw and our international industry partners".

The granted contract is Defenture’s next international awarded program. Earlier programs have been executed for the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. For these countries dedicated lightweight tactical vehicles have been delivered in various configurations. The vehicles in use by these nations are all based on the GRF 5.12 chassis, especially designed for dedicated military use, delivering unrivalled performance under all circumstances. The GRF 5.12 chassis is based on the Defenture Modular Design Principle (DMDP). This technique allows this chassis to be configured into any variant of mission ready configuration in the range of a gross vehicle weight from 3 to 10 tons. The DMDP allows users to achieve the highest level of family formation of vehicle fleets which also contributes to interoperability between user nations.

Defenture’s unique design and process driven manufacturing processes provides opportunities for close cooperation with local partners to ensure strong and sustainable partnerships. Strong partnerships which contributes to local prosperity and economic growth and also minimize lifecycle costs and lead-times.



About Defenture

Defenture BV is a dynamic military mobility solutions company, developing and producing light tactical vehicles for Special Operations Forces and Light Infantry. The company started in 2013 and is made up of a wide range of professionals, with a background in, and knowledge of the automotive and defence industries. Defenture focuses on innovation, design, mobility, and safety. It creates product solutions, in close cooperation with the best strategic partners, working interactively with military clients. Providing safety and mobility for military, law enforcement and specialist units carrying out demanding missions in challenging environments, a Defenture vehicle is built to be a mission winning asset. Innovative design, strong lightweight construction techniques and cutting-edge driving characteristics create unbeatable mobility. In short: Defenture creates mobility.

Artist impression Mammoth vehicle

More information

For more information, visit or contact Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture,



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